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Yup, it’s that time again: New Year’s Resolutions…

…or solutions…or goals. Take your pick; the meaning and interpretation mean more than the words alone. And though many scoff cynically at making resolutions, having resolutions to work towards is better than aimlessly allowing time to pass without them. So…

  1. Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff – communication, joint resolution between me & husband. This is to help de-escalate arguments about small, insignificant minutia.
  2. Reply Now – communication, self. I’ve been guilty of not responding immediately and then forgetting about it completely. Being busy and now a mom and all other assortment of excuses…though some are absolutely valid and understandable, I feel the need to improve. So I will respond immediately to emails, texts, calls and comments, as safety allows.
  3. Use The Planner – organization, self. Needing more structure than a desk calendar and some scraps of paper. Resources: Best Self Journal, Passion Planner.
  4. Find Friends – social, self. Need me some fellow nerds to nerd out over nerdy things. Or geek out over geeky things. Or anything we’re passionate about.
  5. Getting Back To Me – career, self. This is not as selfish a resolution as it sounds. It’s about revising myself to account for my new roles and identities, so that I can build up my skills in a more focused direction. Less “Sure, I can do that!” and more “This is what I do and what I can do for you.”
  6. Snail Mail It – other, self. I’ve got a lot of stationary. It’s time it went to use.
  7. Budget Zen – finances, self. Being at peace with the bills, financial limitations, and finding joy in what we have.
  8. Freelance – career, self. Time to start.
  9. Work It – career, self. And accepting the help I’ll need.
  10. Holding Hands – family. I want to introduce Phoebe to her great grandmother.

Here’s to 2016 :)

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mid-year resolutions: new

Let’s start with the resolutions I’m keeping/revising from last year:

  1. Get Mom her Bible
  2. Maintain health, to be medication-free
  3. Clean/evaluate/declutter paperwork, clothing, etc (“GYST” goal)

I need to be more specific subgoals with goals #2 and #3, to break them down into tasks that are more progressively obtainable. But for right now, let’s just say that they are good, general “maintenance” goals to have.

What I’ve noticed so far, with my job search and goal setting, is that so much of it requires the accomplishment of tasks, as well as feeling like an accomplished person. My dilemma is the same as any new mother’s, which is that this feeling of accomplishment, it is nothing like it was pre-baby.

For example, this single post is going to take me a few sessions to write…be back, gotta feed my baby…

…And I’m back two days later. Because life happens. But back to the topic, what I plan to do is make this year, July 1 to June 30, is to have a #makeryear, a year of making and creating and building and learning. Among the tasks that I’ll be working on include what was not finished this last year:

  • Update portfolio, revise website
  • Learn to use a sewing machine
  • Learn Ruby/Python/app building
  • Make 15 items from “Try Me Later”

I’ll keep track of progress on my dot com site and discuss/announce finished goals on my portfolio site, with this remaining my personal blog. So yup! Here’s to a #makeryear! See you on the other side and sites.

mid-year resolutions: review

Saying that this has been a bit of a wild year is an understatement. Yet and still, fewer excuses, more getting things done, making moves and progress and adjusting to all the new that is life now. That’s the focus. My grammar…ehhhh, not quite up to the same level it was pre-baby, but it’s been steadily improving.

  1. Finish reading 5 books – 2 novels, 1 full baby book, 1 partial baby book (because not everything in these books apply), 1/4 non-fiction. I still do most of my reading online. So not too bad. I would say mostly finished.
  2. Get Mom her Bible – Nope. Pushed to next set of resolutions.
  3. Build relationships with cousins – Much better now than before. Of course, there is still room to grow, but I’m very happy to be closer to them. I’ll change this from a resolution to becoming a part of life.
  4. Only visit and communicate with friends who visit and communicate with me – Done.
  5. Maintain health, to be medication-free – Done. Revise for next set of resolutions.
  6. Finish DCA Certification, revise portfolio, complete website – Done, mostly. Revise for next set of resolutions.
  7. Build career – Nope. Life happened, revise for next set of resolutions.
  8. Bike 5 miles straight – Bikes were STOLEN!!! So nope…
  9. Learn to use a sewing machine – Nope. Pushed to next set of resolutions
  10. Clean/evaluate/declutter paperwork, clothing, etc (“GYST” goal) – Better…with every move, things get processed and removed. Revise for next set of resolutions.


  • Knit a blanket (Meetup) – Done.
  • Learn Ruby – Nope.
  • Learn Python – Nope.
  • Learn to build an app – Nope, revise for next set of resolutions.
  • Make 15 items from “Try Me Later” – Some, probably 2 or 3. Most of my cooking has been from a straight search for recipes, instead of making what I’ve already pinned. Revise for next set of resolutions.

my squirmy worm

Today, particularly, she has not spent much time resting. It has been constant, the rumbling and tumbling, kicking and adjusting. Previously, I tried singing to her, to see whether hearing my voice would cause her to pause…and it did, amazingly. OK, most of the time. I might need to sing more often, in these last two months, just to be able to sit and write or type or work.

We have been searching for a name, which seems to be a top question in our conversations with people. It has not been an easy search, given how we are trying not to repeat names already given to family members, friends’ children, or pick from my long list of “nope” names of former students (although I actually do like some of their names…but it’s still odd and kinda creepy to give her the same name “just because I like it”). At some point, we’ll probably need to spill the beans, if nothing more than to call dibs, unless we adamantly decide that we will stick by the name, regardless of its reception.

We have been blessed by friends and family who have offered to help, through gifts, hand-me-downs, and advice. It is such a steep learning curve. Having had exposure to infants and small children (and bigger children) has definitely helped. I have a few books to read through, along with the ever vast internet. But I understand that our daughter will be whoever she will be.

Labor does not scare me. But giving birth does, partially because there are so many unknowns. The same goes with job hunting and wanting financial stability and independence. But perhaps that too is a reality I need to adjust to. There is a great deal to adjust for.

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